Picked Up a "Jaune, Tete de Course" T-Shirt at Niketown in New York

Nike Jaune T-Shirt

I was in New York City yesterday for some meetings. After they were over, I swung by Niketown on East 57th Street to look for Tour de France-related souvenirs. This is always a good place to find fairly unique T-shirts and hats that people in the suburbs rarely get a chance to buy in a local store.

I bought two yellow t-shirts that say "Jaune, Tete de Course" on the front and have the number 6 printed on the back, one for me and one for my wife. They also had them in black, as shown in the photo.

You may not be surprised to hear that the demand for memorabilia this year has been tremendous. There were not nearly as many choices in terms of item variety, size, and color as their had been at this time last year. Also, while I was there looking at T-shirts, three people asked the cashier near me whether they had any LiveStrong wristbands? They don't, which means that they must have sold thousands in that location. (If you are looking for LiveStrong wristbands, I have advice for finding them in the United States and finding them outside the United States.)

I now have T-shirts commemorating Lance Armstrong's fourth, fifth, and sixth Tour wins. I hope that this doesn't make me too much of a groupie. [ product photo by Nike ]