Suggestions for Finding a LiveStrong Yellow Wristband Outside the United States

LiveStrong Wristband
LiveStrong Yellow Wristbands can be
ordered from the Discovery Channel
On-Line Store
by customers in Canada
and the United Kingdom. In other countries,
buy from the Lance Armstrong
Foundation On-Line Store

Over the last few days, thousands of visitors have come to Operation Gadget from Google and other major search engines, looking for information on obtaining a LiveStrong yellow wristband. Apparently, interest in wristbands is particularly high in Europe, where the coverage of Lance Armstrong's sixth consecutive Tour de France victory was particularly intense.

Early on in the marketing effort, LiveStrong supporters in the United States were able to find LiveStrong Yellow Wristbands using the LiveStrong dealer locator. Many of the stores listed there no longer keep LiveStrong Wristbands in stock. That doesn't matter to people who live outside the United States, since LiveStrong Wristbands were never available at retail stores in most countries.

If you live outside the United States, I recommend the following approach:

Good luck obtaining your LiveStrong wrist band. Wearing one is a great show of support for cancer patients and survivors everywhere.

Update: This article was updated on February 10, 2005 to reflect the latest information about LiveStrong Wristband availability.