Got a Nokia 6600 for Long-Term Review Purposes

You may remember that I said that I was working on getting a Nokia 6600 to do a full-fledged review. Thanks to my friends at T-Mobile I received a 6600 today. I'll have it for several weeks, so you can expect a number of articles about it in the near future.

The power of the GSM system is evident when I get a new phone to review. The FedEx agent arrived at my door this morning, and within 10 minutes, I had the 6600 up and running with the SIM card from my Treo 180 installed in it.

Although the Nokia 6600's user interface looks pretty intuitive, the first email message I composed was queued and the phone doesn't seem to want to send it. I have to work through the set up process for the phone, make sure that GPRS is turned on, and make sure I understand how to send SMS and MMS messages with it.