Nokia 6600 Now Available from T-Mobile USA

Nokia 6600

T-Mobile announced that the Nokia 6600 is available exclusively on their network in the USA. According to Cellular-News, the Nokia 6600 is the world's most popular smartphone with over 2 million units shipped since October 2003. Until now, it's only been available from bleeding edge resellers like GSMPhoneSource. Now, it's available from an increasing number of mainstream U.S. resellers, including

O'Grady's PowerPage published a very comprehensive Nokia 6600 review back in December. They noted that the phone has:

  • Series 60 Symbian OS,
  • 900/1800/1900 frequency support,
  • IRDA and Bluetooth,
  • 640 x 480 camera with 2x digital zoom,
  • GPRS class 10 support,
  • 64k color display,
  • headset and speakerphone, and
  • embedded organizer / contact management software.

One of the big reasons that the Nokia 6600 didn't ship sooner in the USA is because many T-Mobile web services meant to be used from mobile phones were incompatible with it. As the review says:

The only snag I've hit so far using this handset in the United States is that since {the Nokia 6600} uses WAP 2.0 it no longer uses a WAP gateway. This means the built-in browser can view normal Web sites. Killer!... Since it uses WAP 2.0 though, T-Mobile's T-Zones site is unviewable and you cannot send or receive MMS messages on T-Mobile's network.

I presume T-Mobile will introduce a proxy or change the way their T-Zones infrastructure works in the near future. Surely before they start selling this phone, I'd imagine.

Remember, this review was done in December 2003. I have no doubt that the issues that the reviewer mentioned are resolved now.

I am raising my hand as high as possible to get a review unit. If I get one, I will do a comprehensive review ASAP.