Idokorro Mobile SSH Lets Blackberry and Nokia 6800-Series Users Remotely Administer Servers

Mobile SSH for Blackberry.gif

In our continuing quest to identify SSH clients for mobile devices, I want to point out Idokorro Mobile SSH. This is a $195 product allows Blackberry users to administer servers that support SSH-2 and Telnet. Apparently, users on the Nextel network are able to connect directly to the servers that they want to manage, while users on other mobile data networks require a product called Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Idokkoro also has an SSH client for the Nokia 6800, 6810, and 6820 that's available for $45.

These products are not free, like the PuTTY SSH Client for Symbian that I mentioned last week. But, these tools are quite valuable because they provide a vital system administration tool to platforms that don't otherwise have them. If you carry one of these devices and you need simple, secure remote access to your servers for administrative purposes, they are the best option currently available.