PuTTY SSH Client Ported to Symbian OS for Series 60 and Nokia Communicator Series Mobile Phones

Petteri Kangaslampi and Sergei Khloupnov have ported the PuTTY SSH client application to the Symbian mobile phone operating system. The Putty for Symbian OS project currently supports the following phones:

  • Series 60 mobile phones including:
    • Nokia 3650,
    • Nokia 6600, and
    • Nokia N-Gage, as well as
    • phones from LG Electronics, Lenovo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo and Siemens listed on Series60.com.
  • Nokia 9200 Communicator series including:
    • Nokia 9210,
    • Nokia 9210i, and
    • Nokia 9290.

These phones are more popular in Europe and Asia than they are in America, but the Series 60 phones are expected to be big sellers this year. Rumors indicate that the Nokia 6600 will be coming to the U.S. market soon.

I am intrigued by availability of an SSH client for Series 60 phones. When I heard about this, I started looking for a pocket Bluetooth keyboard that would make an SSH client far more usable. So far, I haven't found one.

Operation Gadget has provided information on mobile SSH clients for other popular PDAs and handhelds. In March, I provided information about SSH clients for Palm OS devices.