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For the 2014 World Cup games up to the Quarterfinal Round, the Univision Deportes app for iOS can be an alternative to paying for a cable television subscription to watch the World Cup on the networks of ESPN or the WatchESPN app. (Univision Deportes means "Univision Sports" in Spanish.)

Operation Gadget decided to review the appearance and main features of the Univision Deportes app, so that our readers could see if it represents a good viewing option for them.

From my perspective the Univision Deportes app is fine for watching World Cup games. The big issue with this app is that virtually all of the play-by-play and commentary that is presented is in the Spanish language. If you can understand that language or if you don't care what the commentartors say, then the app should work fine for you. The game video presented is generally the same as that which appears on WatchESPN, the audio and on-screen titles are presented in Spanish.

Here's what the Univision Deportes app looks like after it's been launched. It asks for your current location and for the right to push notifications.

Initial Help / Welcome is In Spanish

Once the app has fully launched, you are brought into a brief welcome and set of instructions that initially appears in Spanish. This can be switched to English by clicking the "ENGLISH" button near the top of the dialog box.

Explanations of the Match Center are brief and relevant.

Choosing your favorite teams (for such services as push notification) is very simple and adequately explained.

Registration or Sign In Are Optional for World Cup Games Before the Semi-Finals

As we previously mentioned, Univision is streaming the first round and the round of 16 to all who can receive it, without regard to cable television subscription or in-app registration. So, this registration or sign in step is initially optional.

I did not register or sign in, in order to watch the Costa Rica - Italy game; The user experience of watching the CRC-ITA game live is the basis for this review.

Match Center

Successful completion of those steps takes you to the Match Center, which is the focal point of the Univision Deportes App. From here, you can choose the game to watch, watch highlight or interview videos, or read news.

Note that all of the text is in Spanish, despite my choice of English language.

Viewing a Page Associated with a Specific Game

This is the page for the Italy vs Costa Rica game. Apparently, the "Game Chatter" sidebar is live for my tweets, so it asks permission to access my Twitter accounts.

Once you decide whether to allow the app to interact with Twitter, you can hit the blue "Watch Live" button to access live game video.

Spanish Language On-Screen Titles

Visual appearance of the game is comparable to that which appears via the WatchESPN app. The biggest difference are the on-screen titles, which are written in Spanish. "Tiros de Esquina" are corner kicks.

Video Quality and Production Values of the Games on Univision Deportes are Comparable to WatchESPN

The video quality and camera work visible on Univision Deportes is comparable to what appears on WatchESPN and the ESPN broadcast networks.

Highlights on Universal Deportes are Much More Condenced than WatchESPN's Highlight Reel

One thing I've noticed comparing Univision Deportes to WatchESPN is that the highlights of the game on Deportes are a lot more condenced then WatchESPN's Highlight Reel.

Deportes saved 4 minutes and 25 seconds of highlights for the Argentina 1:0 victory over Iran. That gives you easy access to Messi's goal in injury time.

With only 4:25 of highlights in the full game highlights package, it's easy to find the goal everybody's talking about... and the big saves as well.

The big drawback is the 30 second pre-roll ad before the highlights.

If you want more action than Deportes provides, and you have access to WatchESPN, go to WatchESPN and watch the Highlight Reel for the game you are interested in.

It's hard to root against Argentina when they are playing a county like Iran.

But I've got a couple of good friends in Argentina, and I'm happy for them today.

Explanation of The Need for Registration for Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals, and Finals

Since Univision has adopted an open streaming policy, it apparently feels obligated to explain the need for registration to watch future rounds. It does so in between halves of live games. We show the screens and translate the messages into English below:

"The game will return in a moment."

"FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014"

"Live on Your Smartphone"

"You don't have to register until the quarterfinal round." (Beginning on July 4 with the quarterfinals / round of 16, and continuing through the finals on July 13, Univision will require sign in with your cable provider account information.)

{During the quarterfinals} "Register to verify your subscription."

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Credit for all of the contents of the screenshots goes to Univision. We are illustrating their Univision Deportes app for our readers, who are follow televised sports and the technology used in all aspects of sports and sports journalism.