Apple Focusing on Storage and Sharing of Photos by Deprecating Aperture and iPhoto

This morning, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop reported that Apple is stopping development of Aperture and iPhoto, and will focus all photo management development moving forward on the new Photos app demonstrated at WWDC.

As I said in a comment I posted to Jim's article:

Since iOS 7 was released, I've become convinced that Apple had to move in this direction. The vast majority of photos created in the Apple ecosystem are never edited, and aren't as extensively curated by the photographer as was the case even 5 years ago.

So why should the primary photo applications on MacOS X be associated with curating and editing anymore?

--Dave Aiello

I find that neither iPhoto and Aperture are capable of being good Mac clients to iCloud photostreams anymore.

When I get a notification that someone with whom I've shared a photo likes or comments on that photo, I can easily see that on any iOS device. On my Mac I get the notification, but it's next to impossible to click on it and quickly see what the comment was.

I'm ready to separate photo editing and curation from storage and sharing, and I am willing to go to a third party to get editing and curation at whatever level I feel I need. Let's see what develops.