Photographing NFL Football in Blizzard Conditions

I have to point out the article by photographer Kyle Grantham of The News Journal of Delaware called Lions and Eagles and Snow, Oh My! In it he talks about the "hardest football game I've ever been asked to shoot... {that was} the most fun I've ever had on an assignment."

At the height of an unexpectedly heavy snowstorm last Sunday, Grantham went to a 400mm lens and used manual focus. This got him around one of the major the problem with most digital camera technologt these days:

Cameras today rely so heavily on autofocus for sports that snow renders them functionally useless. Imagine trying to photograph someone standing behind a waterfall. Even if you can see them clearly, no matter what you do your camera focuses only the water. The same went for every thick snowflake between me and the players on the field, and when you consider there were thousands falling every second the challenge was daunting.

You have to see the photos in this article to believe them.