CBS News to Stream Video from Day John F. Kennedy was Assassinated as it Happened

Kudos to for streaming video of the kinescope recordings of live coverage of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a tragedy that occurred 50 years ago today. This rarely seen, historical footage will be streamed beginning at 1:38pm Eastern Time.

I watched a good part of these kinescopes on YouTube last year, and I was just amazed at how Walter Cronkite dealt with information coming off of teletypes and messages transcribed from phone calls. This shows a lot about the technological limitations and other short comings of news coverage in the early 1960s.

I read somewhere that the first 20 minutes of CBS' live coverage of the Kennedy Assassination was essentially radio coverage, because it took that long for a vacuum-tube-based television camera to warm up before it could actually be used. If I can find a link to that information I will share it.

Update: CBS News released a DVD called As It Happened: JFK Assassination (hosted by Bob Schieffer), which is a condensation of the coverage they streamed on Nov 22-25, 2013. This is probably worth having in your collection if you are a fan of Twentieth Century American History.