The New Flickr UI Is Great, But News-Related Photo Search Isn't

Napkin 21 05-20-13 11.15.18 PM.png

Yahoo announced a new user interface for Flickr today that is a huge improvement.  Kudos to them.  I am a bigger Flickr fan than most people know.

What concerns me is that Flickr's search hasn't improved as much as the rest of the UI.

What I was hoping was that when I searched for "moore, ok", I would get photos that gave me an idea of what had happened in the area that was hit hardest in a devastating tornado that occurred in Oklahoma today.

Instead, what I saw was a beautiful sky, pictures of thunderheads from 10 days ago, and photos of some specimens in a skeleton museum.  Yahoo, can you guys improve this?

Our prayers go out to the people of the Oklahoma City area at this time of tragedy.