Is One Funny Website

The Latest Web Meme tells a humorous story
about Grape Nuts cereal. [ Image: Kraft Foods,
reposted on my Flickr photostream ]

Jesse Gardner and a few other friends of mine sent me links to, a website that advertises Grape Nuts cereal.

The site includes a monologue by the presentor taking a humorous look at Grape Nuts position in the marketplace and its history as a product. I think you need to see at least part of the presentation in order to appreciate it.

What I like most about this site is that it pokes fun at the notion of building a website to promote such an old-school type of cereal. This goes to show that if you think outside the box, you can promote anything.

I think the site is very well done. I wonder how many more sites like this we'll see before the end of 2008? How many are already out there?

Unfortunately, with a site like this on its way to becoming the latest web meme, none of us will be able to use this technique ourselves for a while.