Oakley Donates $1 Million from Livestrong Eyewear Sales

Los Angeles Business reports that Oakley has donated $1 Million to the Lance Armstrong Foundation that was generated through sales of the Livestrong line of sports sunglasses. According to the article:

Oakley Livestrong Flak Jacket XLJ: A nice pair of
sunglasses for sports that supports a worthy cause.
[ Image: Oakley ]

The special-edition Livestrong line is based off of three of Oakley's most popular designs: the Radar, the Flak Jacket and the Straight Jacket. Out of each purchase, $20 goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

The program took only eight months to reach the $1 million mark.

That works out to 6,250 sets of sunglasses per month.

I've been wearing Rudy Project glasses for a long time, but I think I'm going to try a pair of Livestrong Flak Jackets or Flak Jacket XLJs. Oakley has been a huge supporter of The Lance Armstrong Foundation, and they deserve our support.