Now Provides Full-Fledged Spanish Language Site

Kudos to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for creating a Spanish language version of The Spanish language website,, is not an exact duplicate of the English language website, but provides a lot of the basic Cancer care and survivorship information that the LAF provided in its early days.

In addition, the Spanish language version of the website provides access to Livestrong SurvivorCare in Spanish. I think survivor care programs like this are critical for people who have limited financial resources or knowledge of the health care community.

I think that American doctors and hospitals make major efforts to communicate when necessary in Spanish as well as other languages that are spoken by recent immigrants. However, there couldn't possibly be enough information available in Spanish about complex medical conditions like cancer.

I'm glad to see that the LAF is providing information and assistance to Spanish speaking people via the Internet, phone, and printed materials. This is the best way to reach everyone who needs help.