Using Pixen to Create a Favicon for Operation Gadget

I uploaded a favicon for Operation Gadget a little while ago. I used a program called Pixen to make it on my MacBook Pro. Pixen is donationware.


The "Operation Gadget" title on the Alltop Gadgets Page looked naked without a favicon on its left. I felt like I had to step up and get something reasonable in there quickly.

It's hard to create something original and memorable in a 16x16 bitmap. So many of the most obvious gadget designs are taken already.

I have a really good one on, but that's because CTDATA's logo is professionally designed, and we just scaled it down to fit the favicon image size.

I'll see if I like this one I made for Operation Gadget. If you have any thoughts on it, email me at daiello [at] I think it's important to think about the graphic in terms of how it looks in your browser, not how it looks at 12-times the intended size.