L.A. Times: iPhone Users "Know Too Much"-- Huh?

Saturday's Los Angeles Times carried a front page story that made the argument that iPhone users know too much because they tend to use the Internet capability on their iPhone to answer questions that used to go unanswered in everyday conversations. The article claims that people who don't use iPhones find this behavior annoying.

The problem with this article is that Michelle Quinn got the name of her primary source in the article wrong. She repeatedly quotes someone named Erica Sadum whom she refers to as a "technology writer in Denver". She's clearly referring to Erica Sadun the author of quite a few technology books including Modding Mac OS X for O'Reilly. She's also a contributor to The Unofficial Apple Weblog and a well-known commentator on the iPhone SDK.

Newspapers like the Los Angeles Times are supposed to be carefully edited. When I see the name of a key source misspelled in a front page article I wonder if any part of this article is credible.

I read through the comments attached to the story, and somebody pointed out the misspelling of Erica Sadun's name two days ago. Why hasn't the Times corrected it on their website?