Is Windows XP with the "Bliss" Background Supposed to Be Teletubbyland?

Is the Windows XP "Bliss" Background Really Teletubbyland?
Jimmy mistook Windows XP for
: Does your toddler do that
too? [ Image: Dave Aiello, in my Flickr

I started building a Windows XP virtual machine in VMware Fusion on my new MacBook Pro the other day. My 21-month old son Jimmy was really excited when he saw it and came running over, pointing, and saying "La-la, la-la".

Suddenly I realized he thought the "Bliss" background was Teletubbyland. I started howling with laughter.

Although I recently returned to the Mac community, I always felt like an expatriate in the world of Windows. As such I never set up a Windows machine to look this way. I always made it look like the "Windows Classic" theme on Windows XP which kind of enhanced the backward feel of that operating system for me.

In this case, I was just part way into installing Windows so I could run a couple of legacy applications that I'll need for a while, like Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. This was just the way the screen happened to appear when it caught Jimmy's eye.

I switched over to the "Red Moon Desert" background so Jimmy wouldn't be distracted.