"Blogger Bob" from the TSA On Testing the MacBook Air

Until I listened to this week's edition of This Week in Tech I had no idea that the Transportation Safety Administration had a blog called Evolution of Security, that Blogger Bob was one of the authors, or that they had posted a reassuring video of the process they used to test a MacBook Air with a solid-state drive.

As I said to my friend Henry Scheuer when I emailed a link to this video to him, a couple of things stand out to me:

  1. Bob X-rayed the MacBook Air, but doesn't show us any of the pictures, because it's "sensitive security information".
  2. The TSA blog only provides the video in Windows Media format, so actual Mac users can't watch it unless they find it on YouTube, as I did.
I guess this is a positive step for the TSA, in terms of outreach to the traveling public.