Gadget Links: Things We Missed During the Migration Edition

  • Gatorade Inventor Robert Cade Dies at 80 on "You might not drink it as your hydration liquid of choice on your rides now, but there once was a time when Gatorade was all that existed when it came to replacing lost carbohydrates and electrolytes." Products like Gatorade and Pedialyte also save children's lives by preventing dehydration when they have bouts of diarrhea.
  • Verizon Will Open Its Network on Wi-Fi Net News: "Verizon Wireless said today that it would allow devices, software, and services to be used on its network by the end of 2008 as a new 'choice'—read, 'new billing plan'—a remarkable turnabout from its position during the 700 MHz C Block auction filings process."
  • Adventures in $40 eyeglasses on 43Folders: "Last year, I stumbled upon a blog post about buying prescription eyeglasses online. It sounded too good to be true: you could get any frames you wanted quickly and cheaply, and the comments were filled with optometrists freaking out...." Great article explaining what you need to know to source your own glasses that fit perfectly.
  • Getting Great Battery Life on "Modern Li-ion batteries love to be charged often. They don't like being fully discharged. This is completely opposite from older style batteries." I spend more time discussing battery technology with friends than I care to admit. Most people don't handle their batteries as well as they could, and this comes from knowing the shortcomings of NiMH batteries too well. [ via 37signals SVN ]
  • Why Nokia Is Leaving Moto in the Dust on BusinessWeek: This is an article from July, but it's probably the biggest indication of why Ed Zander is stepping down as Motorola's CEO.
  • The Site of the Day: on VeloNews: "Like every other interest on the planet, there's a website dedicated to those of us who actually enjoy riding on ice and snow.... {Check} out the folks at, where they operate by the motto 'The hardest part is the first 100 yards. Mother Nature is not your Enemy!'"
  • The iPod lecture circuit on "... 28 colleges and universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford and Yale, now post select courses without charge at iTunes.... The universities want to promote themselves to parents and prospective students, as well as strengthen ties with alumni. Some also see their mission as sharing the ivory tower's intellectual riches with the rest of the world." [ via ]