In "5 Essentials for a Winning Life", Chris Carmichael Speaks on Non-Fitness Issues

Chris Brewer from wrote an excellent review of Chris Carmichael's new book, 5 Essentials for a Happy Life. This is a book that's as much about life goals and focus as it is about physical fitness, and that's why I put it on my wishlist. According to the review:

... Chris (and his co-author Jim Rutberg) have put together a book that not only identifies the problems aging former athletes face, but it also tells you in clear, concise ways how you can regain a lot of it back - if not all and more - starting with a 9-week plan aptly called the Carmichael Performance Plan....

... the goal is "…a return to a high-performance life by progressing through a coordinated series of smaller adjustments." Chris believes that a 9 week, 3-phase plan consisting of 1] a time to Commit, 2] a time to Strengthen, and then 3] a time to Perform are the keys to this program. "Progressive programs lead to lasting change," he says. "They help you take a step forward and then - this is critical - they provide time for you to get used to that step before moving on."

I successfully returned to officiating competitive ice hockey in 2002 after several years of being out of it, and I really agree with the last point that I included in the quote. Most people don't want to make a comeback in a field that they've excelled at in the past, only to fall back to mediocrity. I wouldn't want to run a marathon this year, and go back to a relatively sedentary life in 2007. The easiest way to achieve significant improvements in your life and sustain them over time is by planning and committing yourself to a period of gradual, steady improvement.

This book is on pre-order now at most stores. It should be released on December 12, just in time for the holidays. I think this is a great book to get as a Christmas or Hanukkah gift for a man with great potential, but inconsistent execution. [ Free registration required to read articles on ]

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