Gadget Links: On Chief's Service-- Again Edition

  • Stuff the Turkey, Not Yourself on Tips on what to eat at Thanksgiving in order to minimize weight gain and still enjoy the day.
  • A Better On-Line Bank on Compares recent enhancements to on-line banking services at commercial banks around the USA. [ Subscription probably required. ]
  • Warehouse Clubs Plan Holiday Specials on BJ's and Sam's Club plan Black Friday deals for people who come in early. Costco is not playing this game. [ Subscription probably required. ]
  • Nokia N93 Blog: A roundup of what bloggers in the Nokia N-Series Blogger Program are saying about the Nokia N93.
  • Game console supply unlikely to meet demand on Seattle P-I: "The PlayStation 3 is the most advanced and most expensive gaming machine ever built -- or, looking at it the other way, it's the cheapest Blu-ray drive ever built...." [ via Martin O'Donnell ]

  • TiVo Alert: Tony Bennett, An American Classic on NBC: A one hour program celebrating Tony Bennett's 80th birthday with guests who also participated in his Tony Bennett: Duets / An American Classic album. Tuesday, November 21 at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central.