How Will the European Critics Treat Floyd Landis Now?

When I heard the news about Floyd Landis' chronic avascular necrosis condition in his right hip, I was shocked. A moment later I thought, "the European nay-sayers claimed that Lance Armstrong had an advantage because he learned how to use EPO in an undetectable manner while he was fighting cancer. What will they say about Landis now that his condition has been disclosed to the public?"

Then I remembered that the UCI made him lower his handlebars in the Stage 7 Individual Time Trial. I bet that people who don't want Floyd to win will think that his praying mantis time trial position is somehow truly advantageous.

What next? If he somehow manages to get back to world-class form next year, will people say it's proof that the artificial hip is a weight or an aerodynamic advantage?

Seriously folks. It doesn't matter if Floyd Landis is a Mennonite or a Martian. You can't help but root for him at this point. [ Registration required to read article in The New York Times. ]

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