Bambi Francisco from Video Blogging the Tour de France

Bambi Francisco, a financial reporter for went on a cycling vacation along the route of The Tour de France for the past few weeks, and decided to video blog her trip. She was on a trip organized by Marty Jemison Cycling Tours, which gave her brief access to Team CSC during the rest day in Gap.

She decided to buy and use a Samsung Sports Camcorder to make her vlog entries. She wasn't specific, but I'd guess that she used a Samsung X210L MPEG4 Sports Camcorder. This is a compact, weather-resistant digital video camcorder with 1GB Memory and a 10x-Optical Zoom with image stabilization. It includes an external clip-on lens that can turn the X210L into a helmet cam.

I thought the video clips that Francisco posted were interesting, but she dubbed in a music track that makes it almost impossible to hear what people in the videos are saying. Some of her commentary on the race indicates that she doesn't have much of an idea of who the leaders of the race were at the rest day. She probably wasn't spending much time watching television and surfing the Internet at the time.

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