iMac G5 Called "A New Gold Standard for PCs" by Walter Mossberg in The Wall Street Journal

Martin O'Donnell ponted out that Wall Street Journal columnist Walter Mossberg called the iMac G5 "a new gold standard for PCs" in his The Mossberg Solution column published in today's print edition. Mossberg wrote:

We've been testing this new iMac, and our verdict is that it's the gold standard of desktop PCs. To put it simply: No desktop offered by Dell or Hewlett-Packard or Sony or Gateway can match the new iMac G5's combination of power, elegance, simplicity, ease of use, built-in software, stability and security. From setup to performing the most intense tasks, it's a pleasure to use. And, contrary to common misconceptions, this Mac is competitively priced, when compared with comparably equipped midrange Windows PCs; and it handles all common Windows files, as well as the Internet and email, with aplomb.

What a rave. Everytime I read Walter Mossberg singing the praises of a Macintosh I ask myself, "Why don't I see more opinions like this in the major gadget blogs?" The biggest reason I can think of: it would be bad for their advertising business.

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