How Out of Market VoIP Numbers Can Save Your Family Money

Andy Abramson pointed out how he uses an out-of-market number provided by AT&T CallVantage to save his mother money on her phone bill. Andy said:

For the past few years my mom has been calling me long distance, but of late, now that I reinforced the point of my local Philadelphia CallVantage number she finally began using it. Why? She decided to trim her phone budget by some $25.00 a month eliminating unnecessary features like three way calling, speed dial and voice mail, most of which she never used....

With energy prices soaring, now is the time to help our friends and relatives find ways to economize that don't change their lifestyles. VoIP is one obvious solution.

An out-of-market VoIP number is a really attractive solution if you have a relative on a fixed-income who doesn't have broadband. If you get a number in that person's area, you can have them call that number with a local call, which is typically free. This is a way for people who don't even have broadband in their homes to reap the benefits of VoIP.

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