Giant Provided Amateur Cyclists Opportunities to Ride the Courses of the Tour of Germany

Richard Pestes of PezCycling News published an article about his experience riding the Time Trial course at the Tour of Germany (DeutscheTour) through a program called Giant Tour. Giant Bicycles apparently has a huge presence in Germany, in part because it is the bicycle sponsor of the T-Mobile Professional Cycling Team. Pestes said:

The coolest part of the Giant Tour is that regular Joe�s can sign up to ride a stage race, on closed roads � the same routes used by the DeutschTour - with police escorts, electronic timing, hot showers, hot food, roadside fans, and the feel of what it�s like to be a real pro racer. The stages run on the second half of each day�s DeutschTour route, and if you�re too slow � there�s a broom wagon to sweep you up.

Media covering the DeutscheTour who were up for a challenge got to ride team-issue bikes. Pestes' was the same Time Trial bike as the T-Mobile team raced in the 2004 Tour de France.

Check out the article. It has a lot of good photos of the bike he rode. I'm jealous.