Where I'm Looking for Bluetooth Headset Reviews

I'm looking high and low for credible reviews of Bluetooth headsets to use with my Palm Treo 650. Many of the Treo-related sites have limited Bluetooth headset reviews, despite the fact that many Treo users I know either have purchased or are strongly considering purchase of a Bluetooth headset.

Here are some places where I have found a number of good Bluetooth headset reviews:

  • MobileBurn: An excellent mobile phone technology site edited by Michael Oryl. I couldn't find a category where Bluetooth headset reviews were collected, but a MobileBurn site search for "Bluetooth headset" produced lots of useful results.
  • Treonauts: In spite of the fact that Treonauts changed its review of the Cardo Scala 500, this site has the best collection of Treo 650-specific Bluetooth headset reviews. Check out the head-to-head comparison of eight Bluetooth headsets. It's not exhaustive because they leave out a couple of the Motorola models, but it's the best one stop comparison I've found so far.

I'll add links to this story for additional sites with Bluetooth headset reviews as I find them.