Back in New Jersey for a Few Weeks

Kathleen and I got back to New Jersey last night after a few days of fun and relaxation in Vermont. I haven't had much time to write today because we are preparing to move to Newtown, Pennsylvania on June 23. We learned that we got the new house while we were in Vermont and spent time today nailing down the date when the move will take place.

Our place in Newtown will be about 25 miles west of here by road. This will reduce Kathleen's commute to her new job by about half in both time and distance.

I'm hoping to continue our telecommunications modernization when we move by replacing several telephone lines that we have installed in our current home and office with Voice over IP services that run over our new broadband connection. There are a number of choices to be made, both in terms of carriers used and services employed. I hope to be able to discuss the options, explain the decisions as I make them, and discuss the installation and startup processes.