His and Hers Treo 650s?

My wife and I are about ready to make the plunge into a new mobile phone era by each purchasing Treo 650s. To give you a little background on our gadget habits, Kathleen and I are Blackberry users from the Mobitex era. We each had separate TDMA mobile phones at one point, then I made the jump to the Treo 180 on T-Mobile about three years ago. This gave me a single, integrated device, but my wife kept her separate gadgets.

At some point I had hoped to switch to a Treo 600, but didn't feel I had the money in the pre-Operation Gadget era.

My wife lost her Blackberry about six months ago when the reseller who had been servicing our Cingular Interactive Mobitex account shut down that part of its business. She's been chafing at her lack of mobile email access ever since.

Now we're looking at the monthly cost of not being on the same wireless carrier and it just doesn't make sense for us to keep paying for larger "buckets" of "anytime minutes" than we would need if we could call each other mobile-to-mobile. On top of that, the wireless data capabilities of converged devices like the Treo 650 are just too compelling to pass up.

Our intent is not to wring quite as much savings out of our telecom budget as Glenn Fleishman did a couple of months ago, but we want to knock at least 25 percent off the total. We're pretty sure we can do that.

I'm hoping that we can get this process underway this weekend. I'll report this effort in more detail when we start working on it.