WorkoutGPS Turns Your GPS-Enabled Mobile Phone into a Fitness Computer

Dave Sutter of Intransix found Operation Gadget and sent the following email to me:

I came across your site Operation Gadget while I was surfing the web. I thought you might be interested in a new GPS cell phone application called WorkoutGPS. WorkoutGPS currently is available for Nextel phones. It uses GPS to track how far, how fast, and for how long the user runs, cycles, and walks. And it automatically uploads this data to a personal training log on the web, complete with maps of where you went and a speed and elevation profile.

Please check out out website to learn about more features.

And, you might find it interesting, one of the riders in the Tour of Hope last year, Ted Yang, took a WorkoutGPS-equipped phone with him on his ride across the country. You can see this at

I featured the fitness aspects of Glofun Raygun, another Location-Based Services application, in my review of that game back at the beginning of February. However, WorkoutGPS is unique because it is the first LBS application I've seen that is exclusively written for fitness purposes.

WorkoutGPS turns a Motorola i710 or i730 into a fitness computer similar in features to the Garmin Forerunner 201. This means that the phones will provide a breadcrumb trail for a workout and record stats like location, elevation, and speed, but will not do things like record heart rate or cycling cadence.

The WorkoutGPS site provides many of the features that good fitness journaling software typically provides. The site is provided for a $5.99 monthly fee per user, which includes application updates, use of the training log, and unlimited workout data upload and storage.

Considering that they have already demonstrated integration betwen their site and Keyhole, it seems like Intransix has pushed the envelope of LBS fitness applications just about as far as currently possible. If you have one of these LBS-phones and you are an athlete, you really should give WorkoutGPS a try.