Customers Sue Verizon Wireless Over Motorola V710 Bluetooth Feature Removal

John McCarthy pointed out that The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a class action lawsuit has been filed against Verizon Wireless in California, "charging the nation's second-largest cellular carrier with deceit for disabling certain features of a new high-end Motorola Inc. phone called the V710."

The article continues:

The main charge: Verizon Wireless removed much of the phone's Bluetooth technology -- a short-range wireless system -- so subscribers would have to pay to use the company's network to send things such as e-mail, photos and calendar entries to other devices.

Operation Gadget pointed out the Motorola V710 Bluetooth feature removal in Motorola V710 Features Intentionally Removed by U.S. Mobile Carrier, published yesterday. [ Paid subscription required to read the full text of The Wall Street Journal article. ]