Unpacking My Canon PowerShot A95

Canon PowerShot A95 in Its Box
Canon PowerShot A95:
My new 5-Megapixel digital camera. See
more photos of the box unpacking.
[ Photo: Dave Aiello ]

December 23rd was a fun day at the Home Office. I received my Canon PowerShot A95 digital camera from Amazon.com. I started unpacking it right away and took a couple of test photos. Check out the box unpacking photos in the Operation Gadget Photo Gallery.

In case you're wondering why it took me a week to get these photos up on the site, I didn't have a working digital camera until I received the PowerShot A95, so I had to take these photos with my trusty Nikon N50 film SLR and get them developed the traditional way.

Hopefully now you'll begin to see a quicker turn-around on getting photos posted on Operation Gadget. Now I need to get the PowerShot A95 connected to my PC and copy the first photos off of it.