Eddie Merckx Raises His Profile by Riding in Public Events

CyclingNews reported that Eddie Merckx rode in the Israel Triathlon Open in Eliat this weekend, participating in a relay team that also included German triathlete Lothar Leder and Israel Triathlon Association chairman Chagi Pagirsky.

The article points out that Merckx, arguably cycling's most legendary champion, has been extremely visible in the cycling world in 2004 and has dramatically improved his physical condition. Anyone who has seen photos of him in recent years (such as this 2003 photo of Merckx at the Amstel Curacao Race), and then looks at the photo of him taken in the transition area of the triathlon can see the impressive change.

I am really thrilled whenever I see anyone make a fitness turnaround, but the number of important public figures that make this much of a lifestyle change is quite small.