Clarion VRX755VD to Put Virtual iPod Controls on a Dash-Mounted 7-inch LCD Display

Forthcoming Clarion VRX755VD with built-in
iPod controls: UberGizmo reports that it will be
on the market in 2005.
[ Photo: Clarion Co., Ltd. ]

UberGizmo reported that Clarion has developed a new in-car AV unit that displays a virtual set of controls for an iPod onto its 7-inch touch-sensitive LCD display. In case it isn't clear from the photo, the 7-inch display is normally embedded in the dashboard of a car, but pops out on command from a front-seat passenger.

Information on Clarion's U.S. website indicates that the unit will be called the VRX755VD and will also include AM, FM, and DVD playback features.

I think virtual iPod controls is a wonderful idea because using a larger set of dash-mounted controls would be less distracting for me than momentarily diverting my attention to an iPod's display while driving. Of course, some people will think that having a 7-inch LCD display with DVD playback capabilities mounted on a car dashboard is an even greater danger because some drivers would be tempted to play DVDs while driving.

In any event, this cool looking unit will be shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. Hopefully more will be known about it by then.