The Best Action Photo of Dave Aiello in a Long Time

Dave Aiello Out of the Saddle
Dave Aiello Out of the Saddle:
Covered Bridge Metric Century,
August 15, 2004, Lancaster, PA.
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[ Photo: Harvey Levine ]

Here's a photo of me riding the 2004 Covered Bridge Metric Century, a large cycling event that took place on August 15 in Lancaster, PA. The photo was taken very near the Pinetown Bridge which crosses the Conestoga River in Lancaster.

The Covered Bridge Metric Century is a ride I mentioned in an Operation Gadget article called Toolkit for Turning Garmin Forerunner 201 Data into Overlay Maps. My father-in-law, George Kuykendall, and I rode it together. We chose to do the 50-kilometer (31 mile) route rather than the full 100 km.

This photo was taken by Harvey Levine, a professional photographer from Harrisburg, PA who has taken some really good Temple University Basketball and Penn State Football photos. It has taken a while to get this specific photo and publish it here, but Harvey made sure I got the one I wanted. I'm going to put a copy on my bio page as well.

This photo is probably the best sports action photo that's been taken of me since I graduated from RPI. I'm going to try to find out what equipment he used to take it because that information is probably more interesting to Operation Gadget readers than when or where the photo was taken.

In case you are wondering, I bought an 8 x 10 print and it will be hanging in the living room before too long. [ Thanks again, Harvey. ]