iPod Photo Makes a Good Impression on Reviewers at WSJ

Walter Mossberg and Katie Boehret of The Wall Street Journal tried the 40-Gigabyte iPod Photo, Apple's new device for digital music and photo storage. They liked it for the reasons that they've liked every other iPod: superior user interface. According to the article:

...The iPod Photo was just as easy, and satisfying, to use with photos as it is with music. It's a winner, if a little pricey.

The article also contains a brief discussion of the iRiver H320, that is an alternative portable audio system that can store photos. The WSJ crew didn't like the H320 as much:

The iRiver H320 player is often praised on techie Web sites. But, in terms of simplicity and ease of use, it doesn't begin to compare to the iPod Photo.... The H320's nine buttons frustrated us right away because they don't include a scrolling device like Apple's wheel that would have helped us move through long lists of songs or pictures within the player's vast hard disk.

I appreciate the information about the iPod Photo because I'm trying to figure out which iPod I'm going to put on my wishlist for Christmas. The iPod Photo might be my choice, but I haven't made up my mind quite yet.