Photos Added to the Tour of Hope Broken Pedal Story


Posing with Dr. Sharpe and the Fixed Bike:
Thanks to Dr. Steven Sharpe and his friend
Greg Millett, I was able to finish the ride.
[ photo: Greg Millett ]

A couple of weeks ago, I published an article called Good Samaritans Helped Me Finish the Tour of Hope After Mechanical Breakdown. It tells the story of how one of the pedals broke on my bicycle during the 2004 Tour of Hope DC Fund-raising Ride, how I met Dr. Steven Sharpe and Greg Millett by chance, and how they repaired my bike and helped me finish.

I knew that I wanted to write an article about getting the pedal replaced, but it would be a lot more compelling with photos. Lucky for me, Greg Millett had a camera with him at the time and I had a supply of my business cards in my jersey pocket. I had no way of knowing when or even if Greg would send me the photos, so I went ahead and published the story without them.

Happily, Greg just emailed me the photos he took at the time. I added a couple of them to the original story and put the rest of them in the 2004 Tour of Hope Photo Archive. Check them out. [ Thanks, Greg ]