Over $2,000 Donated to the Tour of Hope

It's been about two weeks since I rode the 2004 Tour of Hope DC Fund-raising Ride and donations from friends, family, and readers continue to come in to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I'm pleased to report that the total donated at my request has now exceeded $2,000. This is a wonderful tribute to my friend Peter Frank and to many others whose lives have been touched by cancer.

A number of people who sponsored my participation in the Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of Hope asked me to ride for a friend or family member whose life was changed by a cancer diagnosis. I was glad to do it. I carried a list of these people in my jersey pocket during the ride, as did many of my fellow riders. We talked about the people on our lists as we rode. It's amazing how many cancer victims each of the 900 riders represented.

I want to thank my friends, family, and the readers of Operation Gadget who supported me by making a donation. This is probably the most rewarding charitable event I've ever participated in. I hope to be able to participate in meaningful events like the Tour of Hope again in the future.