Migration to the New Server is Complete

This article is being posted on the new Operation Gadget server. I moved all of the files from the old server to the new server between 5:00 and 8:00pm Eastern Time on Thursday night. It took me a little while after that to resolve problems with the Movable Type configuration because the location of many files on the new server is different from that of the old server.

The unresolved issues that I see right now are primarily administative. I am still testing programs being run with cron (scheduled tasks under the Linux operating system). I just added the Apache redirect for the Help Me Ride the Final Stage of the 2004 Tour of Hope article. The short URL for that page got passed along to hundreds of people, so it shouldn't be allowed to break.

I'd appreciate hearing from you if you notice a problem with the site that you think may be related to the configuration of the new server. Please email problem reports to tips@operationgadget.com. Thanks.