Hour of Code at the Apple Store

Success! Red Catches Pig

On Thursday, December 11, 2014, I took Jimmy and Peter to the Hour of Code event that took place at the Apple Store at the Willow Grove Park mall in Willow Grove, PA.

This was a fun and informative event that I had initially thought was aimed at kids, but was actually appropriate for non-programmers of all ages.

I had no idea how many accessible programming resources were available at code.org. The coding exercizes that Jimmy and Peter did all involved the characters in Angry Birds, Plants versus Zombies, and Ice Age.

They had a blast and learned a surprising amount about basic programming language constructs like repeat/until and if/then blocks.

I mention these free classes at The Apple Store to friends from time to time, but I can rarely point to documentation of what happened at these events, so people can see how valuable these programs are. I hope this article helps you see the value, and gets you to conside signing up for any event like this in the future.