Blizzerator Professional Auto Scraper: Ideal for SUV and Minivan Owners

Jimmy and Peter Show the Size of the Blizzerator

Somehow, The Sweet Home failed to name the Blizzerator their top pick of automotive snow removal tools. Clearly their reviewer doesn't drive a GMC Acadia in Philadelphia like I do.

This is a spectacular snow removal device for your car, especially if you are a driver of a Sport Utility Vehicle or a minivan. The reason is that the handle extends 55 inches (139 cm) which lets someone who is less that six feet tall clear the snow from the entire windshield of a GMC Acadia without having to lean against the body of the car. This means you don't get your clothes or your shoes snowy or wet.

For a long time, I've wanted a single snow clearing tool with a brush, a squeegee, and a detachable scraper, and this is it for drivers of big vehicles. If you need something for your Toyota Prius or your Mini Cooper, this is probably not the right tool for you.

I bought a Blizzerator for myself because I can stick it in the back compartment of the Acadia and use it to quickly clear both of the cars in my driveway when we have overnight snowfalls. I'm sure it will be outstanding for use at the rink after a game. currently has Blizzerators at a great price. When I receive mine, I'm going to do another article showing how the Blizzerator performs for me.