I Know Somebody Who Got A Seat at an Apple Camp


Did you know that Apple Stores throughout the USA run three-day workshops for kids 8 to 12 during the summer? The free classes this year teach video creation with iMovie or book creation with iBooks.

You pretty much had to have expressed interest in this program before it was announced, because availability was limited and on a first come-first served basis. But I heard about it last year before Jimmy turned 8, so we were signed up to be notified this year.

More information about the camps is found at http://www.appleRSVP.com/. Notification began yesterday, and most stores I checked in the Northeast had filled all of their slots by this evening.

My son Jimmy has a reservation to attend one of these three-day workshop at an Apple Store in the Greater Philadelphia area. He is scheduled for the "Interactive Storytelling with iBooks" workshop toward the end of July.

The other workshop program is called "Stories in Motion with iMovie."

Kathleen pointed out that the design of the landing page for the Apple Camp workshops at each Apple Store in the USA pretty much guaranteed that "Stories in Motion with iMovie" sold out first. That's the workshop that appears by default, you have to click on a large button labeled "Interactive Storytelling with iBooks" in order to reveal those classes.