Great iOS Application for Evaluating and Managing Sports Concussions

My wife, Kathleen Aiello, MD, recently launched a website called which covers iPhone and iPad applications that are of interest to Pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and other care providers, as well as to the parents of their patients.

The most interesting article she's written so far is a review of The Concussion Recognition and Response Tool, an app that implements the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "Heads Up" Concussions in Youth Sports initiative.

According to Kathleen, "The app guides an evaluator through an assessment of the injured player, as well as providing an evaluation tool for home monitoring of symptoms and return-to-play guidelines."

The app is really excellent, because it gives coaches and parents a framework they can use to objectively assess a young athlete's head injury.  I've heard from parents that the guidance they get from administrators in youth sports when concussions are suspected is not always clear.  So, it's good to have a resource that you can turn to that provides some peace of mind.

I think The Concussion Recognition and Response App could be used by anyone who has experienced a head injury.  It should be useful to adults playing body contact sports, officials who are injured on the field of play, and in a number of other real world scenarios.

Congratulations to Kathleen on an excellent review.  Please take a look at and follow it for more information in this important and interesting area of the handheld application space.