More Useful Writing

Sunday night I had dinner with my good friends Ramona Morel and Mike Devivo as well as Mike's girlfriend Na'ama. We reminisced about times we had spent together over the years and remembered our friend Peter Frank who was Ramona's husband. Peter passed away in August 2003, almost seven years ago. I rode the 2004 Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of Hope in Peter's memory.

Peter Frank, Dieter Frank, and Dave Aiello at Cafe Sprüngli in Zürich

We were talking about my trip to Zürich seven years ago to be with Peter and Ramona before Peter died, and the three of us remembered the photo I posted back then of Peter, his father Dieter, and me at the Sprüngli Chocolate Cafe in Zürich on a spring day in May 2003. The weather on that day was not unlike the weather we experienced in this area on Saturday.

I managed to find this photo using my iPhone before the conversation ended. The only place I had the photo posted online was in the original Operation Gadget post where I stated the reasons why I was riding the Tour of Hope in 2004.

The thought occurred to me a little while later that it was really pointless to maintain the infrastructure that supports Operation Gadget and my other web properties unless I use them. Using them for reference isn't truly enough for me.

I need to be writing regularly about the topics of this blog. Writing interesting articles will keep me interested and producing better quality work over time.

The only way to get back into it is to start now and write more often than I think I can. We'll see how this goes.

Every time I think of Peter, I'm reminded of a few bars of the lyrics of my school's Alma Mater:

Here's to those olden days.
Here's to those golden days.
Here's to the friends we made at Dear Old RPI.