I Found the Triathletes; They're at the Gym at 5 AM

I've been working out at Newtown Athletic Club, a massive gym complex in Newtown, PA, every morning before work. In order to do this and still get to my desk in Manhattan reasonably early, I show up at the gym when the doors open at 5:00am.

There appears to be a huge correlation between New York commuters, triathlon participation, and daily 5 AM workouts. The conversations that take place in the locker room between 6:00 and 6:15 are a mixture of commodities trading small talk, and multi-sport training and race discussions. It's truly amazing.

Earlier this Summer, an article that appeared on the Bloomberg news service said that triathletes that work on Wall Street are known for their 5 and 6am workout routines. I now realize that the 5am crowd is working out in suburban gyms, while the 6am crowd is working out near work.

Maybe I'll take swimming lessons next Spring, when hockey is winding down, and join the crowd.