iTunes Agent Lets You Manage Music on Third-Party MP3 Players, PSP, or Phones

Jonathan Greene pointed out iTunes Agent in his Twitter feed. iTunes Agent is an Open Source Windows application that extends iTunes to allow it to work with third-party MP3 players and mobile phones. According to the website:

iTunes is a great music player and organizer. Unfortunately iTunes is made to only synchronize with iPods. Not everyone own an iPod.... How great would it not be if you could synchronize your non-iPod MP3 player, your Playstation Portable and your Walkman phone with your iTunes Library? Enter: iTunes Agent!

iTunes Agent requires the .NET 2.0 Final Framework to operate properly.

I like the idea because I like iTunes as a media management application.

iTunes Agent is a good alternative for users of mobile phones in the Nokia N-Series who do not want to use Nokia Music for PC or Windows Media Player.