Hockey Night in Canada Theme May Not Be Used by The CBC Next Season

Back in April, I wrote How to Create iPhone Ringtones from TV Show Soundtracks Using Audio Hijack Pro and GarageBand '08 and created a The Hockey Night in Canada Theme ringtone for my iPhone as an example.

For those U.S.-based hockey junkies in our readership who haven't heard, several Canadian news outlets are reporting that the license agreement between the CBC and the licensor of the song has expired and may not be renewed.

The song was written by Dolores Claman in 1968 and has been the theme song for Hockey Night in Canada for 40 years. Wayne Gretzky once said that this song is the second Canadian national anthem.

If this truly is the end for The Hockey Night in Canada Theme, I'll miss it and I might have heard it on television a total of fifty times in my life.