Chris Brewer's Article About Mellow Johnny's, Lance Armstrong's New Commuter Bike Shop in Austin

Chris Brewer, a long-time contributor to the Livestrong and Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team Websites, is back again writing his "Fresh Brew" column for the Astana Cycling Team Website.

In one of his most recent articles, Chris talks about Mellow Johnny's, a bike commuter-oriented bike store in Downtown Austin, TX. Chris writes:

If I told you that 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong had opened a bike shop, I’ll bet you would imagine row up on row of high tech carbon bikes in a state of the art facility. And while there are certainly plenty of excellent historic and high-tech Trek rides at "Mellow Johny's" located in the heart of Austin, Texas, the 18,000 square foot brick beer-distributorship-turned-bike-shop is as good a place to get a tube or an inexpensive commuter bike as it is a rocket to win your next neighborhood world championship…

(Interestingly enough, Johan Bruyneel is doing a book signing there tonight, and flying from there up to West Chester, PA for tomorrow night's book signing previously discussed on Operation Gadget.)

I think that Lance Armstrong has shown perfect timing (again) by choosing to open Mellow Johnny's as a commuter bike shop at this critical time in the economy. This country needs more stores like it that help foster a commute-by-bike culture. It has a chance of working in Austin, at least for the people who live relatively close to the city.