Free iPhone Wallpaper #1: Go Phillies

Over the past few months, I've admired the free iPhone wallpapers that Scott Bourne has published over at The Apple Phone Show. While I was driving back and forth to the USA Hockey Girls' Nationals last week, the thought occurred to me: Why not unlock the Operation Gadget photo vault and liberate some of the photos that would make nice iPhone wallpapers?

The first one I'm publishing, in honor of the opening of baseball season, is a shot of the Liberty Bell sign at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. I took this photo in May 2005 with a Canon Powershot A95 point-and-shoot camera.


I'm planning to release one iPhone wallpaper per week for a while during this Spring and Summer.

Let me know if you like the photos I choose for these wallpapers. I have several different themes chosen already which you'll see over the next few weeks.