The iPhone Camera Seems to Excel at Taking Photos in "The Golden Hour"

Kathleen, Jimmy, and I went to Roberts Ridge Park in Newtown Township earlier this evening so that Jimmy could play on the playground there. While we were at the playground, a man began flying a kite. This attracted Jimmy and another boy who is about the same age.

Kite Flying 10

I took out my iPhone and started shooting photos. I was surprised at how good many of the photos looked when I got home and docked the iPhone to my Mac. You can see more in my Jimmy and the Kite photo set on

The Statue of Liberty at Dusk

I'm not a photography expert, but I am struck by how good the pictures from my iPhone look to me when I'm shooting in the "Golden Hour" right before sunset. The pictures in tonight's set are quite different from the ones I published in my First Photos with My iPhone set from last July, but a couple of the photos Kathleen and I took while we were on the Circle Line cruise around Lower Manhattan have that same sort of "Oh wow" feel for me in their unretouched state. The photo above called "Statue of Liberty at Dusk" is a great example.

Real photographers might say that many cameras do well in the Golden Hour. I just noticed how good these photos look to me, and thought I'd mention it here.